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Description of Phigros (from google play)

A Truly Novel Gameplay

Phigros is a "laneless" music game with dynamic judgement lines and four different types of notes, bringing you a refreshing rhythm experience like never before!

A Curated Music Library

With more than 25 high-quality tracks of various genres licensed from musicians around the world, Phigros will immerse you in aural delight.

Beautiful Illustrations

Each track comes with a beautiful cover art drawn by our talented artists which fits and enhances the song's mood. Also a feast for the eyes!

Version history Phigros
New in Phigros 1.6.7
1. Added WAVEAT Collection, 4 songs included.
Get Ready!!

2. Added a brand new single:
Better Graphic Animation
New in Phigros 1.6.6
1. 2 brand new singles:
大和撫子 -Wild Dances-

2. Fixed the bug of Hold notes lasting longer than song duration in some charts.

3. Fixed incorrect information displayed for certain Legacy charts.
New in Phigros 1.6.5
1. A brand new single to play:
Wavetapper - Frums

2. Fixed some information display errors.

3. Fixed an issue where Legacy charts could not be played.

4. Nothing else! Just sit back and enjoy!
New in Phigros 1.6.4
1. [姜米條 Collection] is now out with 3 new songs:

2. Fixed an issue where images load slowly on some devices.

3. Slight chart modifications of Lyrith -迷宮リリス- [IN].

4. Reverted the illustration of Pixel Rebelz to the first version.

5. Corrected the difficulty of modulus [IN].
New in Phigros 1.6.3
1. Added 2 new singles:
Cervelle Connexion

2.Fixed an issue where 「Ποσειδών」 cannot be played.
New in Phigros 1.6.2
Merry Christmas!
1. Three new singles:

2. New song selection menu in [Singles].
New in Phigros 1.5.7
1. Added 2 new singles:

2. Fixed several bugs and optimized the audio system. Please re-adjust the Audio Offset in [Settings].
New in Phigros 1.5.5
Fixed bugs.
New in Phigros 1.5.3
1. Two brand new Singles released:
Parellel Retrogression (Game Ver.)

2. Adjusted audio system.
New in Phigros 1.5.2
1. Added two new singles:
End Me

2. Fixed a bug that may cause players unable to access Single collection.

3. Added legacy charts for some modified levels.
New in Phigros 1.5.1
Bug fixed.
New in Phigros 1.5.0
1. Main Chapter 6 arrives with 5 songs to play:
- Colorful Days♪
- micro.wav
- 重生
- 望影の方舟Six

2. A brand-new collaboration song with MYSUNX!
The Mountain Eater

3. New collection items for Chapter 2 and some Ex chapters.

4. Revamped lots of old charts. Some have been completely re-charted.

5. Added a lot more text guideposts in-game for newcomers to find their path to mastery!
New in Phigros 1.4.7
1. Added GOOD Collection, including 5 brand new songs:


2. Enhanced game performance on some devices
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